New York, NY Artaic was excited to reveal the winning mosaic of the 2018 Design ‘N Gather competition, sponsored by Bostik, at a special reception in New York City on Sunday, November 11th. Architects, designers, and industry leaders gathered at the Cupola on the rooftop of The NoMad Hotel, to watch the unveiling of “Starry Nights” designed by Kavitha Iyer.

“Kavitha’s mosaic was an outstanding fit for the Cupola” says Ted Acworth, CEO and Founder of Artaic. “The scene depicted in her design captured the essence of the hotel’s rooftop —it gives the room a feeling of intimacy, as if the guests are witness to a magical night sky.”

Utilizing Artaic’s Vitreous Glass tiles and Bostik’s Hydroment Vivid™ Grout, Kavitha Iyer’s “Starry Nights” mosaic features an abstract scene of a starry sky with low hanging tree branches entwined in lights. The color palette contains moody blues, blended purples and night sky pinks with hints of gold glass tile to weave in the magic. The mosaic reimagines the simple experience of being under the "real" twinkling lights of the night sky, bringing them indoors into the Cupola’s elegant event space.

“I wanted to bring the outdoors in, evoking the experience of a star-lit dinner inside the walls of the Cupola. It’s a simulation—as if you are dining outside surrounded by trees with the city’s lights peeking through,” says Kavitha Iyer. ”I didn’t want to compete with what's already fabulous. New York is the ultimate hero and inspiration—this mosaic is meant to complement New York’s iconic skyline, a lasting interpretation of a memory that you can’t easily recreate. Artaic’s simple-to-use Tylist program gave me creative freedom to express my vision and it’s so humbling to see it installed in a space guest can enjoy for years to come.”

When asked if she had previous experience using the installation materials, including Bostik's Grout, Iyer’s answer was a resounding, “Yes!  For so many things! I work in the hospitality industry, with a phenomenal team of creative people, who every day dream up the next guest delight and how to truly make it come to life.”

In ddition to the Design ‘N Gather winner, Artaic introduced the People’s Choice Awards, where the popular choice designer was awarded with a dinner for two in The NoMad Hotel’s Cupola. This year, the People’s Choice Award was given to Kate Lux, designer of “Monarchy.” Monarchy features a flutter of the stunning Monarch butterflies, representative of the “nomadic” journey Monarch butterflies make throughout their lifespan, similar to that of the travelers that frequent The NoMad Hotel.