Omax Corporation expands its GlobalMax pump options with a 10HP pump for the GlobalMax JetMachining Centers. Designed for educators, job shops, fabricators and manufacturers who need an economical industrial abrasive waterjet, this new pump delivers 30,000 psi pressure to the cutting nozzle. The GlobalMax product line with the 10HP pump offers all the benefits customers come to expect from Omax -- innovative drive systems, proven direct-drive pump technology, Intelli-Max software, as well as superior customer service.

The GlobalMax JetMachining Centers can cut almost any material in any thickness up to 5 inches (0.125 m) without any heat-affected zone (HAZ). A number of compatible accessories are available, including a terrain follower, a pneumatic drill and a bulk garnet feed hopper.

The GlobalMax 10HP pump is manufactured in Kent, WA, to ensure quality and component compatibility. International Omax distributors are certified installers and servicers and are trained at Omax headquarters.