Weha Buffalo Bundle Slab Storage Rack design has created a six-point post touch locking system. While other slab rack bases touch the pole in one or two places, the Weha Buffalo Slab Rack base creates six different pressure points on the post. This design increases the metal to metal contact from a standard 4 ½ to over 9 ½ inches, doubling the surface contact.

This world-patented design offers the safest and strongest way of storing stone slabs, including bundles of granite, marble, engineered stone, quartz, quartzite and all natural stone. 

This design increases the structural strength by 57%. This translates into a greater weight capacity, with full confidence and worry-free storing of full bundles of granite and marble in both 2cm and 3cm stone.

Each Buffalo Slab Storage base has 14 receivers spaced at 8 ½ inches on center – 6 inches from hole to hole. Included at each end of the bases are anchor holes for securing the Buffalo bundle racks to the floor when required.

The Weha Poles are 2 3/8 x 2 3/8 x 60 inches long fully hot dipped galvanized. Each pole comes with the Weha Signature Safety Angle Bracket. This angle bracket faces the stone and offers a fail-proof way to set the proper angle for the stone to ensure the safest and least amount of weight transfer to the poles.

The Buffalo Poles come with special Lock Notches that securely lock into the base, adding additional structural strength to the poles and weight capacity. Each post comes with white rubber caps for safe and scratch proof storage.