Robotic integration is changing the way stone fabricators are looking at production. No longer are robotics limited to only cutting or moving materials. A fully automated production system, suitable for all machining processes in the stone workshop, is now a reality.

The T&D Robotics Lapisystem, from Salem Stone, features six operating axes and has the capacity to perform complex 3D machining, as well as saw cut, waterjet cut, route, drill, miter, edge polish, surface polish and manipulate slabs and work pieces throughout the production environment. Now, due to this ground-breaking technology, all of these processes can be accomplished with minimal labor. These robotic systems are designed to run 24 hours a day without interruption, thereby reducing labor costs and risks while greatly increasing your production and profitability.

The versatility of T&D Robotics opens up a whole new world of possibilities for stone fabricators. The Lapisystem incorporates pioneering technology and programming, while at the same time utilizing standard tooling. The interfaces to programming and operation are all commonplace in stone fabrication and can be integrated into many existing software systems. Fast, flexible and easy to use, the Lapisystem has a compact design and boasts a large operating envelope – 3.5 meters high and 7 meters in radius. It can machine all types of stone (granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, engineered stone, etc.) and can be used in the production of sculptures, kitchen countertops, shower trays, solid sinks, bathtubs, fountains, fireplace surrounds, architectural stonework and more. The T&D Robotics Lapisystem is taking stone fabrication to a new level and will change the way things are done today and in the future.