Creative Edge Master Shop of Fairfield, IA, recently waterjet fabricated a beautiful medallion for Buffalo Pacific Company’s first headquarters building using varieties of marble and limestone, as well as gold and brass. To create the illusion of an actual coin, a three-dimensional effect was done by having some areas of the medallion raised and others lowered.

The buffalo is an iconic figure with great historical meaning. In fact, in 2016, it became the “Official Mammal” of the U.S. The buffalo is a strong beautiful animal that provided food, clothing and sustenance for generations of Americans. To honor the nation's history and prepare to add to it, the Buffalo Pacific Company selected the $50 U.S. gold coin as the company logo and icon.

Buffalo Pacific is a technology-enabled real estate company with a portfolio of 14 U.S. patents in communication services. This technology connects people at distance in a three-dimensional, high-resolution life-sized interaction. The technology is being utilized to deliver financial services, education and healthcare in community portals. The first being located in Troy, OH.

The buffalo floor medallion makes a bold statement in the entrance area of the company’s headquarters. It is only fitting that they chose to have a design made from advanced state-of-the-art stone fabricating equipment. Moreover, the quality of the piece is the result of the expertise of craftsmanship exhibited by Creative Edge Master Shop.   

The company has plans to place 10,000 locations across the U.S. to enable distributed access to healthcare, education and financial services -- the very core services that every citizen and community needs to grow and prosper.