KNOXVILLE, TN--Braxton-Bragg CEO, Rick Stimac, announced today three new product lines will be available this spring, giving Braxton-Bragg customers an ever wider choice of premium products for stone fabrication, and covering the CNC market like never before.

“One of our primary customer concerns was that we did not heavily support CNC, so that is one of the first major partnerships I wanted us to rebuild,” says CEO Rick Stimac. “We reconnected our partnership with Terminator, and are also partnering with Diamut. In addition, we have a new line of exclusive sinks. These partnerships are filling holes we had in our offering, and we will continue to build our offering, based on our customer needs.”

Braxton-Bragg will once again partner with Terminator, offering the complete line of Terminator brand blades, CNC tooling and resin- and metal-bonded diamond tooling. In production for more than 24 years, the Terminator line of stone fabrication products is well know in the industry for high quality and dependability. 

In addition, Braxton-Bragg is now offering the full line of Diamut premium CNC tooling, including blades, core bits and other diamond abrasives. For more than 30 years, Diamut has manufactured a complete range of diamond tools for stone, glass and synthetic materials. Diamut tooling works on the majority of the machines on the market today and is recognized industry-wide for its quality. 

In a search for a suitable sink to offer their valued customers, Braxton-Bragg has found a professionally manufactured, consistently high-quality product. Braxton-Bragg’s new surgical-grade stainless steel sinks hold up to heavy use, look good in any new or remodeled kitchen, are easy to maintain and clean and are available at a price point to position them as a true-money maker for fabricators.

“These partnerships are consistent with our philosophy of better service-better value, and we are in the process of adding supplier partners to our line until we meet all of our customers’ needs with great quality and world class service,” adds Stimac.