Weymouth, Mass. -- C/F Data Systems announced the release of the latest version of its flagship construction accounting software, Structure Blue. This version builds upon the success of previous installments and offers a host of new features. Leveraging Structure Blue, contractors can manage all aspects of their projects, execute all accounting operations, and streamline processes.

The latest edition of the software comes with a new document management feature. Now contractors have the ability to attach all types of documents to the many file locations housed throughout the program. This makes it possible for businesses to move towards a paperless office. Structure Blue also offers fully-integrated mobile applications that allow contractors to handle time collection, mobile work orders, and change requests in the field.

“Structure Blue is by far our most powerful accounting solution to date,” said Eric Goldstein, president of C/F Data Systems. “Contractors are looking to do more than just monitor their finances; they want to streamline their business processes and Structure Blue allows them to do just that. We are excited to release this software and our clients can’t wait to get their hands on it.”

For more information,visit www.cfdatasystems.com.