CLEVELAND, OH -- The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has released Stones of North America Version 3. Stones of North America is a comprehensive iPad app that gives design and construction professionals quick and easy access to detailed information aboutnatural stonesquarried in North America. Version 3 of the app includes 31 new natural stones, various programming updates to ensure proper functionality with iOS 7 and a brand new companion website, which makes this information available to everyone with internet access.

The app features natural stones from more than 100 quarries in North America. Stones of North America gives architects, builders, designers, homeowners and others shopping for natural stone an easy way to view and select locally sourced natural stone. Users can search natural stones by type, color, intended use, location and distance from a project. Stones are displayed in vivid color and are showcased through stunning photos of their use in commercial and/or residential applications.

Technical specifications, physical properties and details on recommended use make it easy to investigate natural stone for any project.

Sophisticated mapping technology enables users to measure the distance from the stone's quarry and processing centers to a job site for sustainable projects.

A care and maintenance tab includes a comprehensive guide for how to care for and maintain all varieties of natural stone.

"Stones of North America is quickly becoming a go-to reference for information about the North American stone market," said James A. Hieb, MIA Executive Vice President and CEO. "The new companion website, however, is what we are most excited about. For the first time, the information previously available only to Apple users is available to anyone. The increased exposure for participating quarries is exponential. This app is an ideal resource for professionals who specify materials for residential or commercial projects."

The Stones of North America iPad app is available for free download on iTunes. To navigate the companion website, visit: