Avenue Mosaic recently announced the release of several new collections: Chenille, Rain Dance, Pop Rocks, Homespun, Pyrenees, Flicker, and Wet Bar.

With palettes that mimic the softness of fine fabric, Chenille offers a complex yet soothing surface design. The movement of the painterly strokes are unique, and the pattern sits harmoniously within itself.

Shining like drops of rain on a summer evening, Rain Dance reflects and refracts light in mesmerizing patterns. Trapped light in a pure glass encasement gleams from this dynamic tile design.

Lovely and loud, Pop Rocks’ color ways are named after famous classic rockstars. With peek-a-boo artwork, the collection creates a vibrant, frenetic pattern. Despite its movement, Pop Rocks can be used in a more subtle environment to give a pop of color without overwhelming a space.

A cool neutral, Homespun has color swirls throughout, resulting in a unique pattern on every tile. The comfortable serenity created by this collection can create a spa-like retreat in any bathroom.

Traditional yet intriguing, Pyrenees is a Trompe-l'œil of a tile, proving that there is always complexity in simple designs. Although smooth, the alternation of color and the chevron-esque pattern creates a mesmerizing field of depth.

Through the combination of glass and chrome, Flicker captures the spirit of vivacity in a playfully-arranged pattern. The hints of shine make for an exciting surface that doesn’t overpower any smaller spaces such as a powder room, vanity, or kitchen backsplash.

Strokes of dark and bright color swirl and blend together to make the smooth appearance of Wet Bar. Effortlessly pieced together, but never boring, this collection is a harmonious concoction of contrast and interest.

For more information, visit www.avenuemosaic.com.