Anver has grown its line of press automation cups with a new slip-free series that securely grips dry and oily metal sheets or other thin materials in a full range of processing applications.

Suitable for use with high-speed robotic pick-and-place sheet metal handling equipment, these high-quality suction cups provide fast attach and release functionality. Designed with maximized gripping power, Anver's press automation cups are capable of dispersing any existing surface oil on stamped panels. These suction cups, also known as "panel cups" have excellent sealing properties on flat or curved workpieces. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as a round or oval flat style and a round 1.5 bellows style, these suction cups deliver a powerful suction force and the bellows style works exceptionally well in areas that require level compensation for low headroom. These suction cups will also not warp or mark materials that are often prone to deformation.

These silicon-free press automation cups are molded from Anver Nomathane 50 and 60 with non-marking, anti-slip properties and they are optimized for operating in high-temperature environments up to 356°F (180°C). Anver Nomathane is wear-resistant, which significantly increases product longevity and long-term cost-savings.

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