The autumn 2017 season has been packed with technological developments for Lapitec, who recently presented four kitchen modules, created in collaboration with minotticucine, at Marmomacc and Sicam. The projects were designed to express the ability of Lapitec to meet the requirements of applications having pronounced aesthetic and functional properties.

The four projects shown at the two Italian exhibitions highlighted the exceptional machinability of sintered stone and the possibility of integrating it with advanced technology. The key concept is the material’s aesthetic and functional purity. One project took the form of a countertop equipped with an under-worktop induction hob to provide seamless continuity between worktop and cooking area. At the opposite extreme was a module with a refrigerated surface, once again in an under-worktop configuration: the ideal solution for keeping food cool, especially in an outdoor kitchen. In addition, PITT cooking is a high visual impact solution in which the burners are housed directly in openings machined directly in the countertop. The final project was composed of a worktop with a fully integrated sink unit.

“These worktops are a fitting expression of the constant research and development that our company pursues,” said Michele Ballarin, Lapitec spa sales and marketing executive. “Our approach is defined by careful attention to emerging trends and market demands, which we then transform into projects and solutions. In this context, Lapitec has a team of engineers and technical personnel who liaise on a daily basis with businesses, partners and universities to develop innovative applications of full-body sintered stone. The four modules presented at Marmomacc and Sicam are the result of this synergy and they indubitably constitute a major milestone in our developmental path.”

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