Bostik announced the winner of the Bostik Mexico Mural Competition/Pro Category. Ten of Mexico’s most well-known architectural designers were commissioned to come up with unique stone mural designs, one of which was to be selected as grand prize winner by a panel of industry-specific judges. The winning design ultimately would be cut and fabricated by Creative Edge Master Shop, the firm that first harnessed the capabilities of high-pressure waterjet technology to cut, fabricate and deliver unique architectural projects. Stone material, provided by NuWa Stone, consisted of marbles, granites, lava stones and basalts. The final 30’x30’ mural was installed in Monterrey, Mexico’s Fundidora Park as a ventilated façade on the wall of a defunct foundry.

Designed by competition winner, architect Tomas Guereña, the mural is an interpretation of the evolution/transformation of the former Steel and Foundry Company of Monterrey into Fundidora Park, a popular public venue and site of Latin America’s foremost Museum of Industrial Archeology.

“The mural was bonded and installed with Bostik's high-performance technology, Panel Tack, allowing us to quickly transform an old foundry wall into a modern, masterpiece-quality work of art,” said Daniel Sanchez, Bostik Mexicana’s national sales manager of the consumer and construction business unit, who presided over the mural’s unveiling as emcee to the nearly 100 industry professionals who attended.

Jim Belilove, Creative Edge president and founder, added, “Over 2,000 pieces of NuWa’s stone material were individually precision-cut by our computer-driven waterjet systems. Tolerances were extremely tight for a project of this magnitude. In most cases, joints were 1/16” or less! The entire mural was put together using Bostik installation materials. I cannot imagine a better product line to use for an undertaking such as our Monterrey mural.”

“NuWa Stone was proud to partner with Bostik and Creative Edge to co-sponsor this latest installation of the stone-art contest in the beautiful city of Monterrey,” said Gracie Morris, president and CEO of NuWa Stone. “The entire experience was seamlessly delivered and successfully executed from beginning to end, thanks to the wonderful team at Bostik. The opportunity not only allowed NuWa Stone to engage with local designers and architects in Mexico, but also to be a part of the winning artist's vision through the use of natural stone.”

After the unveiling presentation, all attendees were invited to a hospitality event right inside the former Steel and Foundry Company of Monterrey, hosted by Bostik. “We’re highly focused on building our brand throughout the Americas,” said Scott Banda, Bostik’s director of marketing and business development. “This is a very ‘hot’ construction region, which currently is burgeoning with both new construction and high-end renovation. Mexico’s construction industry is very focused on using the most updated, specialty installation materials. As a result of that, we’re establishing legions of new and mutually beneficial partnerships throughout this part of the world.”

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