General Equipment introduced its new portable HEPA air filter, the AF500 AIR-SCRUB-R. Ideal for establishing a healthier environment in residential, commercial, and industrial applications involving activities such as floor cleaning, grinding and polishing, or drywall installation and repair, the AF500 is a compact, portable, and efficient solution for providing air scrubbing/negative pressure air movement capabilities on non-hazardous job sites.

The AF500 features a two-stage design, with a 30% pre-filter and a 99.7% efficient HEPA secondary filter, requiring fewer filters to be inventoried over competitive models. Able to capture particles down to 0.3 microns, the unit can remove particulates such as airborne allergens, soot particles, and mold spores stirred up by air movement during any type of project. Also, replacing the standard pre-filter with an optional carbon/potassium permanganate filter, the air scrubber absorbs a wide range of VOCs, smoke, and other noxious contaminants and odors.

Built with a ¼-horsepower, 115 VAC variable speed electric motor and a large 16” diameter inlet for improved air flow and maximum filter surface area exposure, the AF500 offers adjustable air flow rates up to 500 CFM. Furthermore, the larger inlet provides low power consumption, requiring only 1.9 amps compared with 8” inlet models. Weighing only 33 pounds, the air scrubber is more compact and up to 10 pounds lighter than most competitive units. It is also designed to be stackable.

The UL certified air scrubber uses an integral GFCI outlet with 12-amp breaker, allowing up to four units to be daisy-chained together while connected to one outlet. Standard lay-flat ventilation ducts connect to the 10” outlet for negative/evacuation air flow applications.

For maximum durability, the AF500 housing is constructed of high-density, UV-resistant polyethylene. This helps contribute to its quiet 56 to 72 dBA operating sound levels, which is equivalent to a standard air conditioner. A clean filter indicator light tells the operator when the filter needs changing to maintain optimum air flow and maximize performance.

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