The Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (CTEF) has developed a Regional Evaluators program to expand the Certified Tile Installer (CTI) program hands-on testing. The program is led by Kevin Insalato, regional evaluator coordinator, who reports to Scott Carothers, director of training and education for CTEF.

“It is critical for the future of the tile industry that homeowners, architects, designers, and commercial business owners have the option of qualified labor for their tile installation projects so the installations not only look beautiful, but also perform consistently over time,” said Carothers. “The CTI program was developed to provide that level of assurance to those seeking professional tile installers. With the Regional Evaluator program, CTEF can significantly grow the number of CTIs and the level of tile installation competence available across the United States.”

Regional evaluators are CTIs who take additional training to evaluate the hands-on portion of the CTI program test. They must know how to set up the testing modules, conduct the hands-on test, score the 100-point evaluation, and assist installers in furthering their understanding of the proper installation of ceramic tile. They are regionally based and able to organize and conduct hands-on testing within their region, which will expand the reach of the CTI program. This program will also allow for classes with fewer than 10 students to take the hands-on portion of the exam. The program will initially utilize 16 REs and aims to grow to a minimum of 50 evaluators.

“With the Regional Evaluator Program, we can now take the CTI hands-on test to installers, retailers, and tile contractors around the country increasing the number of qualified installers available to the marketplace,” said Insalato.

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