CCA Global Partners has acquired the intellectual property assets of Romano Consulting Group to support an enhanced CCA Consulting department. Romano Consulting group is known for its ability to help businesses identify and overcome business challenges ranging from organizational structure to merchandising and financial management. This acquisition gives CCA’s consulting program access to programs, software, and industry expertise. CCA Consulting will combine the expertise gained from Romano Consulting Group to help improve the effectiveness and profitability of CCA’s member businesses.

“This acquisition has helped us accelerate the growth of our consulting services,” said Howard Brodsky, chairman and co-CEO of CCA Global Partners. “We are now able to offer our members a more complete, comprehensive consulting service to our members.”

In addition to the assets acquired, David Romano, the founder of Romano Consulting Group, is helping to integrate his programs and tools into CCA’s Consulting department’s programs and offerings.

“I’m excited to be working with the CCA team,” said Romano. “CCA has a long history of providing retailers with tools and programs to help their businesses grow and succeed. The combination of their expertise and the Romano Consulting Group’s proven tools and strategies will undoubtedly create a best-in-class service for CCA’s members.”

Based on the acquisition, CCA will be repackaging its current services along with the new services obtained under the CCA Consulting umbrella. The group will now offer four distinct service lines. Business360, an owner-focused business consulting program, will offer members a dedicated “360 consultant” to create a customized business-improvement plan based on the owner’s objectives. The consultant will guide the owner through improving any aspect of business that needs attention in seven major areas, including financial management, merchandise management, organization management, sales management, strategic planning, process improvement, and market development.

Team360 will help businesses find and engage quality employees by working with owners to provide recruiting, assessments, and training tools and processes. Leadership360, concentrating on helping leaders become more knowledgeable and more effective, will include peer-to-peer learning experiences and strategic focus. Insight 360, a data-driven program, will help businesses plan and execute strategies based on industry research and benchmarking tools.

“Our team has developed a strong package of services that cover all elements of the business,” said Rick Bennet, co-CEO of CCA Global Partners. “Our members can now access all the tools they need to grow and develop their business right here at CCA.”

CCA Consulting will initially be available only to members of one of CCA Global Partners’ 14 divisions, starting this summer.

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