JACKSON, MI -- Bart Bettiga, Executive Director of the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA), officially announced that his Association has joined forces with CCA Global Partners to bring education and technical expertise to its members.

This new ground-breaking partnership brings experience, expertise and a wealth of resources to CCA Global Partners' members. "It is an integral component of NTCA's continuous mission to develop and maintain installation standards and to promote qualified labor," said Jim Olson, Assistant Executive Director at the NTCA. "Membership in the NTCA can provide the vehicle for CCA Global Partners members to receive ideal technical training and education needed to create highest quality results for satisfied customers…and, will result in increased use and consumption of tile and stone within our market."

"The association with CCA Global will pave the way for NTCA to supply CCA's members full membership benefits -- from hands-on installation workshops and industry leadership conferences to marketing programs and free technical advice," Bettiga added. "CCA Global Partners are an elite group of entrepreneurs that are always looking for innovative ways to serve their customers at a higher level…and the NTCA is proud to be a part of that initiative."