After joining HPS Schönox as regional business managers, DJ Gardner and David Zelaya have made an impact within their Texas and Oklahoma regions, tackling challenging subfloor issues.

“DJ and David brought a strong blend of both business and technical experience to Schönox that allowed them to quickly see the real-world applications for Schönox product technology with quite varied clients and projects,” said Dave Lepird, vice president of business development for HPS Schönox. “I was not surprised when I saw them solving challenging subfloor issues in the field very early in their tenure with the company.”

Early in his work with Schönox, Zelaya met with a government client with a tough subfloor condition in a facility could not be closed. Traditional demolition would not be an option and the building would be in active use during the flooring project. Zelaya worked with the technical teams at Schönox to put together a project plan involving a series of products including Schönox AP, synthetic gypsum self-leveling compound. Schönox AP is designed with renovation projects in mind with special dust-reduced properties, no VOCs, and performance characteristics that work well going over existing subfloors without demolition.

“The client was really pleased with the resulting renovated subfloors and a process that allowed the facility to remain fully operational during the project,” said Zelaya. “I am delighted that we could bring this level of technology to the project.”

Before joining Schönox, Zelaya was a flooring contractor managing projects and addressing subfloor issues on a daily basis.

“I’ve seen the subfloor challenges in the field and understand how they can impact the efficiency of projects and, if not handled correctly, the final results,” said Zelaya. “Schönox has the range of subfloor products to help contractors be more successful and the technical teams to support them.”

Recently, Gardner worked with a national restaurant chain to specify subfloor materials that would allow the restaurant to do the flooring projects overnight. The installers would be equipped with the series of subfloor products to address the various issues, and the subfloor work could be completed in an efficient manner with minimal cleanup and no VOCs.

“We used outstanding Schönox product technology to create strong, smooth subfloors that met performance and budget needs,” said Gardner. “Whether it’s patching compound that is moisture resistant, self-leveling compounds with embedded fibers for added strength, or anyone of our other products, we have features and performance criteria that will surprise and delight customers with demanding subfloor projects.”

Prior experience as a commercial hard surfaces flooring representative was great preparation for DJ Gardner’s work as a regional business manager with Schönox.

“When doing my due diligence before coming to work with Schönox, I learned that Schönox stands behind its products, its people, and its brand making it a great fit for me,” said Gardner. “I’ve already seen this level of commitment first hand which gives me the confidence to support clients at such a high level.”

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