Solid Care has formed a best practice partnership with Fila to provide combined application and chemistry expertise for natural surface maintenance and restoration programs. Working in tandem, Solid Care’s team of craftsman will utilize Fila’s range of surface care solutions for projects spanning from post-installation cleans to restoration programs. The service will be available for commercial clients throughout the U.S.

Both Solid Care and Fila share a commitment to sustainable, environmentally responsible practices and are pioneers in green care solutions for tile and stone surfaces, including marble, limestone, porcelain, ceramic, and concrete, as well as wood. Key drivers of the partnership will include on-going innovation in sustainable treatments, practices, and methods; use of the lowest VOC products; extension of product life; reduced resource consumption and landfill impact; and product and package recycling.

“We are extremely excited to announce our alignment with Fila,” said Mike Crippen, president of Solid Care. “The partnership of these two best in class brands fills a void in the industry for proactive maintenance and protection of stone and tile products, and will drive customer delight through enhanced product performance and appearance retention. Only through the combination of world-class chemistries and application methods, delivered with a client-centric management approach, can long-term client satisfaction be assured. Our partnership closes the loop in the product lifecycle.”

Jeff Moen, sales and marketing director at Fila USA, added, “Fila is pleased to finally ‘close the circle’ of problem solving, from chemical recommendation to professional application of the solution. We're also excited to offer ongoing maintenance to keep surfaces performing as specified, using Fila chemicals and Solid Care applicators. The manufacturer, distributor and end user all benefit from this turnkey solution.”

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