Show organizers recently announced that “Milleluci—Italian Style Concept” will be the title of the fourth edition of the collective exhibition at Cersaie, in Bologna, Italy, Sept. 25-29. The exhibition will be hosted in a 400 sq.m. space in Pavilion 30. “Milleluci” draws inspiration from the TV variety show conducted by Mina and Raffaella Carrà in 1974; each episode paid homage to a different type of entertainment, from radio to cabaret, musical to opera. The exhibit’s curators, Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli, came up with the format to create an voyage through luminous atmospheres which highlight the material, textures, and design of bathroom furnishings, balanced between classical forms and alternative styles.

The exhibition will be divided into ten themed sets, as were the episodes of the original variety show, each linked to a different genre from the cinema and theatre. The background of each installation will be formed of a backlit image relating to a given film or work, to which the set itself will refer. The sets will include: Madame Butterfly (opera), Goldfinger (spy story), Grease (musical), For a Few Dollars More (western), Young Frankenstein (comedy), Valentina (animation), Once Upon a Time in America (drama), The Persuaders (TV series), Space 1999 (science fiction), Shining (horror).

“The exhibition is inspired by the idea of offering visitors an evocative experience, rather than a guided tour among the products on show at the fair," said Vercelli. "To achieve this, we borrowed the Milleluci format and re-invented it to cast light on the very best in Italian manufacturing."

Encouraged by the success of the three previous editions, with a total 32,000 visitors and 202 participating companies, the collective exhibition at Cersaie 2017 is intended to be a motor for the economy, bringing together selected companies and an international public of buyers and professionals looking for new creative ideas. Participating companies include Artmide, Casalgrande Pandana, Ceramic Flaminia, Ceramiche Ricchetti, Cordivari, Danese, Del Conca, Emilgroup, Gaudi’ Décor, Hom, Julia Marmi, Lea Ceramiche, Melogranoblu, Ragno, Rubinetterie, 3M, Oikos, Tangina Ceramiche D’Arte, and Wall and Deco.

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