The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recently announced that Algonquin College, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, has met the requirements to become an NKBA-accredited program provider. Algonquin College offers an Advanced Kitchen and Bath Certificate Program for students seeking a professional career in the kitchen and bath industry. As a part of the credit program, each student must complete an internship monitored by the educational institution. This experience extends the classroom experience and ensures students meet the NKBA’s required competencies. Programs accredited by the NKBA must have an NKBA-certified advisor or faculty member.

NKBA accreditation serves the professional needs of the kitchen and bath industry to ensure consistent, quality education for students who want to become kitchen or bath professionals. The association recognizes schools throughout North America whose kitchen and bath curriculum meet its established educational standards which include the knowledge and skills necessary for competent practice in the profession.

NKBA accredited programs are evaluated by its mission, administration, curriculum, faculty, and resources to determine eligibility and the students’ aptitude toward fulfilling the association’s required competencies. Industry professionals evaluate student work samples as a subjective measure of the program. The Association monitors the progress of these schools through the submission of student work samples based on the NKBA Student Design Competition and provides an outcome-based assessment to the schools. NKBA Accredited Programs qualify for reevaluation every seven years.

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