The Sink Bull™ from NSI Solutions is an affordable, heavy-duty, manual sink milling machine designed for the stone shop. It utilizes a simple, rigid, powerful design — combined with an inexpensive template to make CNC quality sink cutouts a simple task for every fabricator. The Sink Bull is the only sink milling machine or router type machine with a long enough base to span a sink template. This means extra stability, no tipping and it works with a smaller overhang (smaller template margin). The Sink Bull is constructed of heavy-duty anodized aluminum with corrosion-resistant hardware, and it is powered by a large 15 amp Makita grinder. A strong single lever height adjustment and simple external water feed yield a quality U.S.A.-made tool that is stone shop tough. Much faster than hand fabrication, the Sink Bull allows the stone fabricator to produce more work in less time. Increased productivity equals more profit. A Sink Bull is much less expensive than a CNC, and a Sink Bull cutout is indistinguishable from a CNC produced cutout. It provides an exact copy of a template with perfectly square edges. The Sink Bull is so easy to use that an inexperienced or beginning fabricator can achieve perfect results. Because the final shape is controlled by the template, there is very little chance of error. Not only for sinks, the Sink Bull can be used to shape inside corners, outside corners, electrical cutouts and complicated profiles. Only a simple plywood or plastic template made with standard woodworking techniques is required.