Prior to owning Viktor’s Granite and Marble in Arden, NC, Viktor Polishchuk worked in a fabrication facility with a lot of dust. “I used to work in a shop that was full of dust, and you had to work eight hours a day wearing a mask,” said Polishchuk. “I don’t want my employees to have to do the same thing. I was looking for ways of how I can get that dust under control for my own shop, so we got rid of dry cutting.”

Since starting his own company in 2004, Polishchuk wanted to build a business that reflected his passion for granite. A shop that would use the best technology, have a great crew and would allow him to be creative with his projects. He wanted to stand apart from other fabricators in the area. Today, Polishchuck’s business includes a 3,000-square-foot showroom, a 10,000-square-foot fabrication shop and an 8,000-square-foot warehouse.

Viktor’s Granite and Marble has evolved since its beginning. When starting his business, Polishchuk completed one or two custom jobs a year. Currently, his company does about two custom jobs a week. On top of that, he does about 10 to 12 residential kitchens a week. On average they are 50 square feet, but can go up to 200 square feet.

The benefits of a saw/waterjet

The shop features a Yukon bridge saw, Titan CNC stoneworking center and Fusion saw/waterjet, all from Park Industries located in St. Cloud, MN. “We purchased the Fusion about two or three years ago,” said Polishchuk. “Because of the type of work, we looked at a lot of different equipment. We went to trade shows looking at the best option for us, and we also did a lot of research. Whenever we are going to make a large purchase, we do a lot of research. When I talk to other fabricators, I tell them, ‘This machine works great for us, but it may not work for you.’

“The service with Park is fantastic,” Polishchuk went on to say. “The machine is a heavy duty build. The technology they put in it really works the miter cuts and that’s a big thing for me. We do a lot of miter edges. The tilt table on our Fusion makes things easier for us than our overhead crane. When I purchased the Yukon machine eight years ago, it worked really well for us. They told me that the machine would do the job and they were right. We got the Titan after that and that machine worked well also. So we decided it would be best to stick with one machine company and get it all from them and that’s worked for us.” For tooling, Viktor’s Granite and Marble relies on ADI tools from GranQuartz, and it has a Proliner from Prodim of Ft. Pierce, FL, for templating.

The shop has 12 employees, running one shift, with two install crews that have a minimum of three in a crew but can go up to 10 or 12 guys, depending on how much work needs to be done. On a daily basis, Viktor’s Granite and Marble does work within a 100-mile radius from his Arden, NC-based facility, but for specific customers will go all the way to the coast to do a job.

Polishchuk’s goal with the shop is for it to be the best it possibly can. He has air conditioning and a heater system for his employees, as well as a water system so the company can recycle its own water use.

According to the fabricator, the Fusion saw/waterjet not only speeds up his process time, but he says is more accurate. “The waterjet can follow a curved wall,” said Polishchuk. “It’s one of the tools I have to have in my shop. I can’t do without it. You can be pretty handy and get a lot done without certain machines, but you won’t be able to do what the waterjet can do. It’s the newest technology, and it’s the best. Also, the machine has not only saved me time, but I have better quality control. The finished project is very consistent. That makes my builders and customers happy. We have a good relationship with the builders and they know what to expect from me, even if it’s a busy time of the season. With those machines, we guarantee that it will be great quality and it will be done right.”