SANTA CRUZ, CA -- Island Stone, a manufacturer of natural stone and glass tiles, recently launched "Briqs," an innovative natural stone tile offering a modern take on the classic brick appearance.

Briqs are thin brick designs that are installed like tile, without the complexities of heavy brick installations. Offered in thin, versatile individual pieces, Briqs can be laid in a myriad of patterns to achieve distinctive floor or wall surfaces.

Briqs feature an elegant, drawn out design with bullnose edges that give the product a soft, worn appeal. The natural personalities of each stone type are enhanced by the different surface finishes that they are offered in. The rugged texture of Indian stones, Sandstone Grey and an all-new Sandstone Mint Mix, are tumbled to soften their natural surfaces and capture the variation and depth. The established Indonesian Tropical White and Tropical Tan stones feature a refined, honed surface that highlights the raw beauty of the exotic limestones.

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