WAUWATOSA, WI -- On October 6, Bostik and Artaic will co-host an event at Boston's Prudential Center Microsoft store. There are many reasons why these two firms are working together, but most importantly, to revive the ancient art of mosaic design, which has all but disappeared on a worldwide basis.

Artaic produces custom mosaics created using its patented software program, "Tessera." These productions are actually put together by robots, also invented by Artaic.  Bostik installation systems work at optimal levels with Artaic-produced mosaic designs. In particular, Bostik Dimension® RapidCure™ grout is a patented, reflective formula that contains micro-glass beads and a translucent, urethane binder that reflects light, allowing it to pass through grout joints and into the mosaic tile itself. 

"Together with Artaic, we plan to showcase cutting-edge ways to specify and then install mosaics," said Scott Banda, Bostik's Director of Marketing and Business Development. "And to do so in very upbeat, unique and technologically advanced venues. In particular, architects, designers and others interested in what's happening tomorrow in the tile industry, will want to attend this event. I'm always asked, 'why do you specifically partner with Artaic?' The answer is simple. Together, we want to engage the design community in our collective quest. Furthermore, we want to resurrect mosaic design, which for a myriad of reasons, is seldom specified today or, for that matter, even considered any more. Already we're seeing positive results."

Years ago, Dr. Ted Acworth, CEO/Founder of Artaic, spotted a void in the mosaic marketplace worldwide. "Historically, mosaic design was the most appreciated and heralded tile design treatment on earth," he said. "But today, due to cost and delivery time constraints, when designers specify custom mosaic creations, more often than not, they contact producers in far-off countries. Sometimes that process elicits quality-designed mosaics, but frankly, clients are gambling if they embark on that regimen. Via our exclusive production techniques, Artaic can delivery what our customers demand, time after time, on time."

Attendees of the Microsoft store event will be able to participate in a state-of-the-art, hands-on mosaic workshop using Artaic's Tessera software. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to learn about how to best install glass mosaics using Bostik's Dimension® Grout.  After the Microsoft store festivities, there will be a networking function at the nearby Mandarin Oriental Boston Hotel, where attendees can learn even more from representatives from both companies.

The Boston Microsoft Store in Prudential Center is located at 800 Boylston St. #27 in Boston, MA.