FAIRFIELD, IA — Creative Edge Master Shop, a pioneer and world leader in the application of waterjet technology to architectural fabrication, has launched its newly redesigned website, providing a plethora of design ideas and award winning projects.

"Our newly refreshed site is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and also presents a tremendous opportunity for us to give our customers creative ideas incorporating waterjet design," said Jim Belilove, president of Creative Edge. "We are excited to reintroduce our website and use it as a key tool for informing and inspiring designers, contractors and artists."

The new website, www.creativeedgemastershop.com, includes a gallery of projects installed around the world-- from children's hospitals and international airports to private entryways and religious institutions. Visitors can also view step-by-step of the masterpiece creations starting with concept to design, material selection, waterjet fabrication, shipping, installation and the final artwork. Waterjet designs are featured in the following materials: natural stone, glass, terrazzo, architectural metals, resilient, ceramic and porcelain.