The production process for Lapitec®is the basis of the success of the product, and it helps to make it unique, exceptional and extremely versatile. The use of raw materials, such as ultra-pure natural minerals, feldspars and kaolin clays, means that Lapitec is 100% natural. In addition, no synthetic chemical elements such as resins, adhesives or hydrocarbons are used during the production process. This means the process is ecologically sound with low environmental impact, and it produces no processing residues.

The mixture of natural raw materials that comprises the secret of the first processing stage results in the creation of a suitable mixture to obtain an advanced product. Sintering at 1200°C in a special kiln designed and built in-house specifically to accommodate this technology makes it possible to obtain full-body materials with stable and definitive mineralogical structure and exceptional properties in terms of strength and durability.

After the sintering process, the slabs are subjected to surface processing operations to obtain the seven available finishes. The various collections, from glossy and smooth surfaces to more textured versions, are obtained by means of mechanical work processes without any kind of pressing operations.

In addition, thanks to the Bio-Care technology employed for its production, Lapitec is particularly suitable for all applications that require high standards of cleanliness. In fact, the material is prepared with the use of Titanium Dioxide, the photo-catalytic characteristics that allow it to degrade organic compounds, thus imparting self-cleaning properties to the product.

The entire work process is subject to stringent quality controls; specifically, the finished product is checked individually in a procedure that is necessary to guarantee a reliable and certified result for each single piece.