AKRON, OH -- NAC has developed two courses approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for their Continuing Education System (CES) -- "Crack Isolation Underlayment's for Hard Surface Flooring" and "Acoustics: How does sound travel and how do sound control membranes provide sound reduction?"

According to AIA.org, "Architects need continuing education to maintain competency, to prepare for the future, to fulfill the continuing education requirements for AIA membership, and frequently to renew state licensure."

Each course will earn attendees 1 credit toward their annual CES requirements and will be taught by an experienced member of the NAC team. The registered course is approved by the AIA and delivered without endorsement, bias, marketing or sales orientation and reinforces the learning objectives.

"We've supported the AIA with various presentations on underlayments over the years," said NAC vice president of operations, Brian Petit. "It's a great opportunity for NAC to give back some of our knowledge of the flooring industry to help architects better understand membranes and how they protect the various styles and sizes of porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles and other hard surface flooring."

Contact your local NAC sales representative or the NAC office at(800) 633-4622 to find out where and how to register for one of these courses.