Not far from Baltimore, MD, is the Avondale Brownstone quarry, which has been in the D’Amico family since 1932. The site, located in Avondale, PA, was originally purchased by Joseph D’Amico, who started D’Amico Quarry, Inc. Today, the company remains a third-generation business — supplying an assortment of Brownstone, Mica stone, Bluestone and other natural stone varieties for custom projects throughout the U.S.

After Joseph D’Amico passed away, his son, Anthony J. D’Amico, ran the quarrying operation until the present owner, Anthony’s son, John A. D’Amico, purchased D’Amico Quarry, Inc. “We mine Avondale Brownstone and Mica stone, which is a natural sandstone,” explained Elaine D’Amico-Wright. “We mainly use Caterpillar equipment in the stone production, and presently have 14 employees year round.” To make thin stone veneer panels, the company has a TXS ThinStone veneer machine from Park Industries of St. Cloud, MN, in place.

In addition to quarrying its own Avondale Brownstone, the company also buys stone that it sells. “We supply masons, contractors, builders, landscapers and homeowners, and our products can be shipped to all 50 states,” said D’Amico-Wright. “We are not limited to one small area. Our main applications are building stone, interior and exterior thin veneer stone, landscaping stones and patio stone.”

Recently, D’Amico Quarry, Inc. has diversified its services to meet the demands of those excavating land or demolishing a home. The company will take the stone, recycle it, process it and return it to the customer in as good of quality as any of its other processed stone products. Its goal is to not waste any of the stone and save money on materials.