Anver Corp. has introduced its new 1.5 Bellows Vacuum Cups that are approximately the size of a pencil eraser. These miniature vacuum cups are available in two sizes and come in two different material options — silicone and neoprene. They are strong enough to pick and place watch batteries, yet gentle enough to handle pharmaceuticals.

Each Vacuum Cup features a soft seal lip to handle flexible and stacked loads that may be curved or lightly textured/corrugated. Their spring action compensates for height variances in the load or machine inaccuracies, and they can be used in any orientation. With diameters ranging from just 6.2 to 9.6 mm, the products are designed to duplicate the function of mechanical springs and ball-joint connectors in a much smaller and more economical package.

Supplied with fittings and complete suspensions if needed, the Vacuum Cups are made with either a dye-free, non-marring silicone or an all-purpose neoprene. Anver’s proprietary silicone is the choice pick for applications that require food-grade approval from FDA Title 21 or German specification BGVV (BGA) part XV for contaminant-free load handling, reports the manufacturer. Other applications for the product include hot molded parts, electronics or objects requiring level compensation for low head-room.