MARIETTA, GA -- Lackmond Stone, a distributor of professional tools and equipment, has introduced the PRM Granite Turbo Blade. The product is designed for cutting granite, marble, engineered stone and other hard natural stone. It is engineered with premium diamonds and a specially-designed diamond matrix with narrow cutting flutes. These narrow flutes allow for an aggressive, clean, chip-free cut. These blades are among the fastest, most aggressive cutting blades on the market. They are available in 4 1/2, 5, 6 and 7 inches, and can be used dry or wet. 

The company has also recently introduced the Pro Bridge Saw Blade. Pattern diamond technology continues to evolve and Lackmond's new Pro Bridge saw blade is manufactured using the latest in diamond pattern technology, where the diamonds are arranged in a specific order resulting in consistent wear and cutting.   This product is designed to be used on granite, marble, engineered stone and other natural stone. It is equipped with tall, 26 mm segments, which allow for increased life, even in the most demanding stone applications. The Lackmond Pro Bridge Saw Blades are available in 12 to 18 inches and are ideal for use on 15 plus HP saws.