LONDON, ENGLAND — On Thursday, September 18, 2014 the CEO of Lundhs, Thor-Anders Lundh Haakestad, officially announced the launch of the “Lundhs Real Stone” concept on the UK market. Lundhs held a special celebration at its booth at the 100% Design show in London.

The history of Lundhs started more than 100 years ago. Throughout this time, innovation has been essential. The areas of use for natural stone and the ways of extracting natural stone have changed completely. Now Lundhs wants to change how natural stone is promoted to the end users. 

“We want to promote our natural stone in a new way, and we want to enhance the experience of the end user by making it easy to find where to buy our natural stone, and making it easy for the stores to sell our natural stone,” said Lundh Haakestad. “We believe consumers are increasingly sophisticated in their choice of stone, and that they are interested in both the origin and the history of the products. The color, crystals and the natural variations in each slab are not possible to replicate by man. The idea of having a 100% natural product that is unique is something we believe the end users find attractive.”

Lundhs’ natural stones are crafted by nature, refined for living, and in this case, installed in a kitchen. Here it will last for a lifetime, as it will withstand daily wear and tear for generations to come. If for some reason the natural stone worktop is changed, the recycling process can be done with no special handling, since the product has no chemicals added and is all natural.

Lundhs is a quarry operator, and the company wants to work closely with the trade to launch the brand. “This can only be achieved together with our customers and partners, and we are grateful for the support so far,” said Lundh Haakestad. “We believe in corporation throughout the whole value chain. Traditionally, we have been focused on business-to-business marketing to customers who buy our blocks directly from our quarries, and to architects. Now we also focus on communication to fabricators, designers, kitchen stores and end users. In order to achieve success for all involved we need to do this in close coorporation with all involved in the process.

“The concept is all about making it easy for all our partners and customers to either choose or sell our materials,” Lundh Haakestad went on to explain. “Cooperation within the value chain in order to offer the best service possible to the end user is one of our main goals. We provide a small range of Lundhs real stone, unique in color and appearance, all displayed in a handcrafted box of solid oak. Together with our new catalog showing inspirational cases, and our new webpage for the UK market, we think the concept is well on the way. We believe strongly in this and are very excited to finally launch the concept, and we look forward to working closely with partners and customers on the UK market.”