The new Manzelli Atmosphere SmartWall is exclusively supplied by GranQuartz®. The SmartWall is a dust containment system designed to reduce the amount of airborne dust in fabrication shops. The SmartWall uses both a water curtain and blast nozzles to capture 99% of the dust entering the machine. It is engineered with stainless steel construction and has TIG welded joints for extreme durability. Manzelli Atmosphere SmartWall

The SmartWall features an air-assist to help open and close the front of the machine for easy cleanout and maintenance of the PVC filter media that is removable and washable. The SmartWall also features a closed-loop system with a recirculation pump to reduce the need for fresh water. The SmartWall is available in three different sizes ranging from 79 x 32 x 87 inches to 157 x 32 x 87 inches and airflows from 8,835 to 17,670 CFM’s. Acrylic partitions are also available to create a smaller work area with the highest concentration of dust.