PORRIÑO, SPAIN — Levantina has opened a new Granite Center in Porriño, Spain. Consisting of a showroom, a slab warehouse and a Project Center, the new space is an example of the company’s commitment to the granite business on an international level. This is reflected in the space where the center is located and in the collection of exclusive granites in Levantina’s recently launched collection. The objective of the Granite Center is not only to display the company’s range of products, but also to show the latest products launched on the market and their different applications, both for wall covering and cladding, paving, flooring and countertops.

The new collection, aimed exclusively at the international market, consists of 11 materials: Alaska, Dallas, Feratto and Titanium – all from Brazil; Arizona, Colonial Gold and Sahara Nights – quarried in India; Anhara Black and Marrón Cohiba – both from Angola; Nevada from Portugal and Lennon from Levantina’s own quarry. They are available in several finishes such as leather, satin and aged.

Advantages of the materials in the Granite Collection include an anti-bacterial treatment, which prevents the growth of bacteria on its surface — guaranteeing a completely hygienic area; stain resistance resulting from an exclusive treatment that Levantina applies; heat resistance (the surface of the slabs in the Granite Collection are able to withstand high temperatures on their surface); and contact with food (the slabs in the granite collection have a certificate that guarantees they are suitable for contact with foods).

The granites in the collection are also the hardest wearing materials in existence. It is a 100% natural product, created by a slow and constant process, in which the stone acquires its characteristic hardness and strength. Granite, which is a stone of igneous origin, is much more resistant to heat than any manufactured material, according to Levantina. All the products in the Granite Collection are subjected to an exhaustive process that prevents the formation of bacteria over time and with use. This guarantees a hygienic work surface, which is unique on the market, without any change in the color or the texture of the stone.

Levantina continues to be a world leader in the natural stone sector with nine strategically located factories equipped with the most advanced technology and over 200 different materials. The company prides itself on being highly integrated throughout all its processes, from the quarries to distribution.

With a global presence, Levantina exports to more than 110 countries in the European Union, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia, and currently owns 28 distribution warehouses.

Levantina is a world leader in national and international granites. The company uses a carefully selected range of granites which comes both from its own quarries, and two factories specializing in the processing of granite, located in two strategically important points, Porriño, Spain, and Vitoria, Brazil.

Additionally, Levantina is the only company in Spain which has a resin line for its own mainly exotic and exclusive materials, ensuring full control of the entire process. The resin process provides characteristics such as the anti-bacterial treatment. The company also utilizes a multi-wire saw which cuts much faster than traditional gangsaws, reports Levantina.

This machine is a commitment to a production process that is able to respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs. It is also an endorsement of Spanish technology, as it is made in Spain and creates less pollution and damage to the environment than the traditional method, according to the company. Both machines can be found in its facilities in Porriño and Galicia, Spain.

Levantina’s commitment to the environment is based on the twin pillars of sustainable development and business ethics, covering the entire product lifecycle.