ALICANTE, SPAIN --Levantina, a world-leading company in the natural stone sector, has created a specific area at its headquarters in Alicante, Spain, with all the equipment necessary to monitor large projects.

In an area of nearly 11,000 square feet, the most important materials in Levantina's product catalog are displayed together with the most innovative construction systems developed by the company such as a new solution for ventilated facades.

The Project Center is a perfect place for customers to check outt first hand their choice from the range of quality products available so that the materials can be supplied quickly and efficiently during the project, explains Levantina.

Apart from the product area, there is also a space where Levantina's technical team can advise customers, architects and designers on how to transform their ideas and plans into reality with natural stone.

Levantina's technical office is responsible for monitoring large projects and grew out of Levantina's experience in this area. The best way to achieve optimal results is by managing the whole project in an integrated fashion throughout all its stages. Controlling the whole process in this way and correctly positioning the stone will guarantee the success of the project, according to Levantina.

With the opening of the Project Center, Levantina has strengthened its position as a leading company in the sector for large projects. Osaka Airport in Japan or the Conrad Algarve hotel complex in Portugal are some of the projects in which the company is presently involved as a consultant and supplier of natural stone.