DSG Granites (Divyashakti Granites Limited) has made a name for itself as a leading, innovative and dependable international exporter of granites. The company was founded in Hyderabad, India, and its products are stocked across the U.S. by Cosmos Granite.

DSG Granites prides itself on its capability to meet specification, destination, quality and volume challenges of any nature. The 22-year-old company was conceived and established by a veteran in Indian real estate and civil engineering, Shri N.V. Rattaiah, and it is managed by Shri N. Hari Hara Prasad, the company’s Executive Director. A reputed builder and a pioneer in the concept of “Gated Community” in Hyderabad, his vision enabled him to focus the prospects for exporting processed granite material while simultaneously catering to domestic and in-house needs. With this objective in mind, DSG Granites has grown from an auxiliary division of its construction business into a market leader in Southeast Asia.

DSG Granites became an advocate of a 100% Export Oriented Unit in 1991, distributing to countries all over the world.  Currently, DSG Granites processes raw blocks sourced from India, Brazil, Italy, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Angola, Madagascar and other African countries. Having captured a sizeable market in the U.S., the company has firmed up plans to expand its operations to Canada and France in the near future.

DSG Granites’ supply chain includes five captive quarries and another 10 to 12 across the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, that cater to its requirements on a preferential basis.

DSG Granites was a leader in initiating advanced technology standards within India for processing quality raw blocks into polished slabs. With the capability to process more than 4 million square feet (375,000 square meters) of granite slabs per year, the unit exports more than 3.23 million (300,000 square meters) to its warehouses in the U.S., along with several destinations in Europe and Middle East Asia.


The company utilizes modern Italian machinery, revolutionary technologies and a work force of skilled employees in its two processing units near Hyderabad. DSG’s lineup of high-tech production equipment includes the following:

  • One 60-ton gantry crane, spanning 25 meters, with a 7-meter overhang on either side
  • Two 5-ton electrical overhead travelling cranes, spanning 21 meters
  • Two 10-ton electrical overhead travelling cranes, spanning 21 meters
  • Four gangsaws from BRA of Italy, with a capacity of 120,000 square meters per year
  • Four gangsaws from Gaspari Menotti, with a capacity of 255,000 square meters per year
  • Three wire block trimming machines from Bideseimpianti/Breton of Italy
  • One line polisher from BRA of Italy, with 18 polishing heads, that can process 100,000 square meters per year
  • One line polisher from Breton of Italy, with 13 polishing heads, that can process 150,000 square meters per year
  • One line polisher from Simec of Italy, with 18 polishing heads, that can process 200,000 square meters per year
  • One edge-cutting machine with a 500-mm blade diameter
  • One edge polishing and chamfering machine from BRA of Italy
  • One bushhammering/flaming machine from Pellegrini of Italy, which can process 180,000 square meters per year.
  • One resin plant

Divyashakti Granites Limited distributes to Cosmos Granite, supplying its product to U.S. warehouses in Raleigh, NC (corporate); Atlanta, GA; High Point, NC; Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL; St Louis, MO; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; and Portland, OR. These warehouses have been strategically spread across the country to ensure on-time deliveries to even the most remote destinations.