Worldwide, theProlinermeasuring device is used daily for accurate and fast digital measurements. Prodim’shighest priority is to greatly simplify the production process for fabricators by using 2D or 3D digital measurement methods. No setup, targets or leveling are needed, and the device is easy to use by a single person, portable and very user-friendly.

In addition to digitizing existing shapes and objects, the Proliner allows users to edit, create shop tickets, client approval sign-off, email results and much more. Prodim reports that customer feedback rates the Proliner as the “The Best and Most Versatile” for some of the following reasons:

  • On-board CAD system
  • CAD/CAM compatibility
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Exceptional training and support
  • Measuring up to 21 feet/42 diameter

The Proliner gives the operator the ability to capture both straight lines and continuous contours. 3D measuring technology offers optimal versatility. The foldable measuring head and metal casing (with built-in storage) gives the Proliner the ability to digitize difficult projects in the field or at the shop.

The Proliner, together with the Prodim CT 3.0 software, creates the perfect solution for measuring and making the digital template completely ready for production in the stone shop. The additional functions in this software make it very easy to create a digital template of the worktop and sink in just a couple of minutes.
Users can create a library of cut-outs, for example, with sinks which can be placed within the measured countertop. It is also possible to add dimensions, create a backsplash or make a workshop PDF report. The client can check the measurement and information directly on the Proliner and sign off the project immediately.

With the Prodim CT 3.0, it is possible to create complete reports, customize the look and feel of them and add a company logo. The report has a main page with the project data and a complete overview of the total project measurement, including the single split elements with dimensions, but it also contains extra pages with the single production elements with all the necessary information.

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