COLD SPRING, MN —Coldspring, a leading quarrier and fabricator ofnatural stone, has teamed with green building pioneer Jason F. McLennan to launch Earth Measure — a new product line of “deep green” reclaimed stone.

Earth Measure is comprised entirely of remnant stone and is available in three customizable pattern series that use nature’s geometry as inspiration. To produce Earth Measure, Coldspring takes stone by-products, which are typically ground up as aggregate or discarded as waste, and uses the company’s patented process to produce a manufactured stone. The stone line has a very low embodied energy, is manufactured with zero chemicals and can last for decades with little to no maintenance.

For the last few years, Coldspring has been working with McLennan, founder and author of the Living Building Challenge, the world’s most progressive and stringent green building program, to benchmark and reduce the environmental impacts of the company’s operations. Through this collaboration, a unique partnership emerged, and the result is the new Earth Measure product line.

The initial product line features three distinct patterns that take inspiration from the “natural world” — with more patterns to be launched in the near future. The initial patterns include a design based on dried mud forms, one based on the Fibonacci series and the golden proportions often found in nature, and one based on linear strips designed to work alongside wood applications.

Earth Measure is available across the U.S. and Canada. With Coldspring quarries located all over the U.S. and in one Canadian Province, it is easy to source stone reclaimed from Coldspring quarries to fulfill green building requirements, which mandate materials be sourced locally. Further, Coldspring can bring the Earth Measure process to a project’s local quarry or repurpose existing salvaged stone.

Earth Measure is designed so that there is zero packaging waste involved. Each shipment is sent via a recyclable polypropylene bag and reusable pallet constructed of sustainable material. Coldspring will even pick up the polypropylene bags once a customer is done with assembly. Earth Measure can be used in both interior and exterior applications for wall panels or floor paving and has been designed to work seamlessly for multiple functions.

“McLennan’s designs are beautiful and they elevate stonework to the next level,” said John Mattke, President of Coldspring. “We are extremely excited about this collaboration and being able to offer the greenest stone products in the world to the building community.”

“Working with Coldspring has been an incredible experience,” said McLennan. “I’m deeply impressed with the company’s values and excited to turn what was formerly a waste product into something that is immensely beautiful.”

For more information, contact Coldspring at 800-328-5040.