Natural stone quarry and fabrication operations have had increasing concerns with the regulatory practices of MSHA and OSHA in regards to inconsistent and unpredictable enforcement efforts, as well as disproportionate penalties and fines. This burden is negatively affecting businesses in the stone industry. Members of the Natural Stone Council (NSC) need and want a sensible regulator/operator relationship.

The NSC Regulatory Committee was formed to lead the natural stone industry to resolution of a number of these common concerns and issues. This committee needs participants to provide inspection documentation through their quarterly business survey. Elected officials have requested that this data be collected for further consideration of our regulatory concerns. If you or your company is a member of an affiliate association/organization of the NSC, please complete the survey and return it to the respective affiliate. All data compiled in the NSC database will not be broken down by member organization and all respondents will remain anonymous.

If interested, please visit and submit to your member association.