DALLAS, TX --The Surfaces 2013 show floor had boundless energy in part due to the growing popularity of the Distributor Partners Program that was offered by Surfaces for the second year.

Butler Johnson Corporation and All Tile Inc. were awarded the Surfaces2013 Distributor Partners Program top prize, both receiving $10,000 cash for registering and bringing more than 300 retailers to the show, held January 28-31 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The Surfaces 2013 Distributor Partners Program offered floor covering distributors the opportunity to register their retailers for free exhibits admission to the show. In addition, Surfaces provided distributors with marketing kits aimed at assisting them in promoting the show to their customers and colleagues in the industry. The kits included point of purchase materials, printed buyer invitations and registration forms as well as an electronic code for use in email promotions.

"All Tile is very pleased to have won this big award," said Marc Haberman, Director of Marketing, All Tile. "Hanley Wood helped us to get there with their tools and ideas. We've made a big commitment to Surfaces every year and strongly encourage retailers to attend through a variety of campaigns. Additionally, we run a Retailer Travel Program and brought over 250 people on this year's trip. This kind of award goes a long way to help us continue to fund these activities."

"We have participated in the Distributor Partners Program every year that it has been offered and taken full advantage of its benefits," commented Clay Covington, Vice President of Sales, Butler Johnson. "We combine the program with our own distributor-based hotel promotion to make sure that we get as many retailers to Surfaces every year. Surfaces is by far the very best show in our industry and we will continue to do all that we can to make it easy for our customers to attend."

Surfaces will continue the program for in 2014 and encourages all floor covering distributors to participate.

For more information contact Holly Hart, Marketing Manager, Surfaces at hhart@hanleywood.com.