Burlington Stone has acquired the rights to quarry at Petts Quarry on Kirkstone Pass and Brathay Quarry near Ambleside, U.K., following the termination of Kirkstone Quarries Ltd.

Burlington Stone is continuing to invest in British natural stone, and the addition of Kirkstone’s range of indigenous natural stones — Brathay Blue/Black, Kirkstone Sea Green and Kirkstone Silver Green — ensures local Lake District natural stone will continue to be quarried. Burlington Stone will incorporate the Kirkstone product offering into its existing portfolio, which currently consists of six British slates and two English limestones.

“This is a great opportunity for us to enhance the product offering from British, and in particular Lake District, natural stone producers,” said Nick Williams, Commercial Director at Burlington Stone. “Throughout the world, the natural stone produced in the Lake District is admired and sought after and regarded as one of the finest and most durable stones in the world, which we will continue to promote to the benefit of our local industry.”

Over the past few years, Burlington Stone has expanded its range of products for interior and exterior applications. It has also invested back into the business in terms of machinery, been placing greater emphasis on the environment through the sympathetic extraction of the stone, in which they aim to utilize 100% of the rock extracted from the quarries, extending its lifespan for future generations and becoming ISO 14001 accredited.

For more information, visit www.burlingtonstone.com.