Held annually in the city of Cachoeiro, Espirito Santo, Brazil, theCachoeiro Stone Fairdid not disappoint in its 34th edition. With more than 25,000 visitors and 220 exhibitors, the fair revealed leading trends and innovative materials in the Carlos Caiado Expo Center.

Brazil has two editions of its Stone Fair -- the Vitoria Stone Fair, which is normally held in February and is geared towards the international stone market, and the Cachoeiro Stone Fair, normally held in August and focusing more on the internal market.

Throughout the show floor, there were pavilions representing various companies, mostly from Cachoeiro itself. Members from the entire stone sector gathered to present their latest product introductions.

The event attracted especially fabricators, distributors and construction professionals from 600 different Brazilian cities, along with foreign visitors from countries such as Italy, the U.S., Canada, China, Spain, Venezuela and Portugal.

The following slideshow is a look at some of the materials on display in Cachoiero.