Founded in 1983,B.L.M. srl is a diversified stone producer that supplies material to both foreign and domestic markets. The company operates a large-scale production plant in Sicily, Italy — fabricating slabs, tiles and cut-to-size pieces to be used in exterior and interior applications.

The company owns three quarries. While one is located in Custonaci and produces Pearl of Sicily, Pearl Light and Perlatino Light marble, the other two are in Valderice and are sources of White Picasso and Botticino Sicilia marble.

B.L.M. srl employs a staff of 35 workers, who ensure that the company maintains a high level of service to its customers as well as producing high-quality products. Blocks are cut on site with a PTM Pieropan block cutter. In its production facility, the company houses an Arena and a Pedrini tile line as well as a CMG Flotter tile polishing line.

With an extreme importance placed on quality and customer service, quality control is tight at the facility. As tiles come off the polishing lines, they are inspected for cracks or other flaws that would deem them unacceptable before the product is packaged and shipped.

A total of 30% of B.L.M.’s products are exported to the U.S., and it services many other markets, including Morocco and Singapore. At the time of Stone World’svisit, palettes were ready to be shipped for projects in Michigan and New York.