From shimmering and texturedmosaicstoporcelain tile with a wood, stone or concrete look, the latest introductions in stone and tile offer inspiration for one-of-a-kind designs. Below is just a small selection of the numerous products available on today’s market.

A.  The carefully composed tiles in the “Pyrite” Collection by Ann Sacks are a tightly hand-fitted mosaic that resembles a puzzle-like jigsaw that have undergone careful polishing and antiquing techniques exclusive to Ann Sacks. These methods reveal the reflective, luminescent qualities of the stone, and the result is a distinctive combination of a refined and raw look.  Available in 6- x 6-inch, 6- x 12-inch, and 12- x 12-inch tiles, “Pyrite” comes in several finishes, including gold or silver antiqued, gold or silver polished, and a mix of both.

B.  Adding the charm of artisanal glass in watercolor, the “Designer Glass Collection” by Architectural Systems, Inc. is available in a range of decorative options. The hand-cut, fused glass tiles are offered in four standard sizes of solid or striped patterns in gloss or frosted finishes. The tiles can be mixed and matched, in different colors and sizes to create textural and dimensional mosaics. These glass tiles may be applied on vertical surfaces for interior or exterior use.

C.  Organic and intriguing, “Foliage” by Artistic Tile is hand crafted of stained glass manufactured in the U.S. “Foliage” is a new addition to the “Jazz Glass” Collection and adds a sense of movement to any room. The mosaic tile is available in 14 ¾- x 14 ¼- x 1/8-inch pieces.

D.  “Trend Stone” by Cedir is a colored-body porcelain tile available in a range of neutral colors — charcoal, cinder, dove-grey, beige and ivory — in natural and honed finishes, square and rectangular sizes and a 12- x 12-inch mosaic. This collection also comes with a range of decors — damasco, raku, geo and palace — as well as specialty pieces. Also eco-friendly, “Trend Stone” is manufactured using 17% pre-consumer recycled content.

E.  “Arbor” by Century is a collection of sustainable, wood-inspired porcelain floor tiles for residential and commercial spaces. Made with 40% recycled material, it comes in five modern colors —white, black, brown, grey, beige — and two “plank” sizes (6 x 39 inches and 4.8 x 39 inches).

F.  Charles Luck Stone Centers recently introduced its Kreoo wall panels — a line of interior wall veneers that are special order only. Available in two dimensions, 23.7 x 23.7 and 31.5 x 31.5 inches, based on the design, the line has 10 designs available in five stone selections: Bianco Estremoz, Nero Marquina, Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante and Emperador Dark. The designs, including “Picto” which is pictured, are available in three formats: Graffiti, Inlay (pictured) and Bas-relief.

G.  “Silvis” by Cotto d’Este is a collection of full-body porcelain stoneware inspired by four unique types of wood — Humus, Cortex, Candeo and Robur — and made of 40% pre-consumer recycled content. It has incredible richness and variety of veins thanks to high-definition inkjet printing based on 40 accurately selected patterns. Available in two sizes and two finishes — Classic, with a more refined appeal, and Country, which is more rustic.

H.  The “Megalos Ceramics” Collection by Dune USA translates fashion from the runway into decorative tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and commercial spaces that deliver sophistication with a punch. A focus of this new collection is the new 25- x 75-cm (9.83-x 29.53-inch) tile format. Available colors include: Santorini (pictured), Treviso and Natasha that have been inspired by emerging luxury statements of “oasis for the senses,” “hypnotic” and “byzantine opulence.”

I.  A cutting edge collection of veincut stone, the “Metro” series by Emser Tile is the ultimate in modern luxury. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, “Metro” is also available in fashionable mosaics.

J. “Vogue” is the newest collection by Hirsch Glass that integrates an intriguing design with subtle curves and angles to offer a three-dimenstional look. Available in two shapes, two blends and 10 colors — from subdued to intense.

K. “Archaeology” by Marazzi is a porcelain tile line featuring the authentic, ever-changing fissures and striations of natural travertine created through modern digital print technology. Its sense of motion and life, subtly transformed by different lights and shadows, is further enhanced with wonderful strip mosaics featuring randomly interspersed sparkly, animal-print segments. The mesh-mounted mosaics can be incorporated as full-sized 12- x 12-inch pieces that transform entire accent walls or easily cut into listelli that personalize spaces and design objectives. Four choices are available to accent all field colors in the series: Babylon, Chaco Canyon, Crystal River and Troy (pictured).

L.  Mediterranea’s new porcelain tile line is one that evokes the nostalgia of classic American beach destinations. The “Boardwalk” series has been masterfully crafted, using Dynamic HD Imaging™ technology, to add a unique look to a project. Named after America’s most distinctive boardwalks, these tiles are available in four colors — Atlantic City (Ash), Coney Island (Walnut), Myrtle Beach (Whitewash) and Venice Beach (Amber) — and two sizes — 8 x 48 inches and 6 x 24 inches with 3-x 24-inch bullnose trim pieces. 

M.  Designed by Giugiaro Design and made of 95% recycled glass, the “Crono” Collection by Italian tile manufacturer Mosaico+ combines three-dimensional, high-end technology and industrial design. The three-dimensional chips are made of sintered glass (obtained by grinding and compressing recycled glass) that has sophisticated textures with ever-changing effects caused by light refraction on the variously angled surfaces of the mosaic. It features two decors: “Pulsar” (sleek and round that creates trajectories and soft weaves reminiscent of textiles) and “Nova” (whose faceted geometry suggests different planes, depending on your perspective). Crono is available in 10 solid colors. The patterns and geometries are completely customizable.

N. The stretched hexagon shape of this white-body ceramic wall tile from Nemo Tile is available in three formats: Flat, In (concave with a beveled perimeter) and Out (convex with a beveled perimeter), each of which adds depth and complexity to a room. “Atom” is suitable for vertical surfaces in wet and dry areas for residential as well as commercial projects. The tiles come in four colors: Eggshell, Smoke, Steel, and Ash, and are mounted on mesh for ease of installation. Each individual “Atom” tile measures 3 3/8 x 2 ¾ inches.

O. “Parquet Tile in Glass and Stone” by New Ravenna Mosaics is available in four patterns — Truman, Newman, Rubrik (pictured) and Marshall. Tiles in the collection are inspired by 17th century parquetry wood floors. Each design has a linear structure, with the glass or stone cut on a waterjet and assembled by hand at the New Ravenna studio. Patterns are available in stone for interior and exterior floors and walls, and in glass for interior vertical walls. The mosaics are custom made to order for each installation.

P.  Rookwood’s “Modern Classics” Collection explores the possibility and vibrancy of form. Inspired by textural, energetic worlds and metropolitan life, the designs are passionate and sophisticated. This collection offers contemporary styling with a clean, luxurious appearance.

Q.  The designs for the “Odyssey” tiles and matching borders from Original Style have been inspired by places and styles from around the globe and throughout the ages — from a humble rug found in a Moroccan bazaar to majestic palaces, from rustic Turkish pottery to the lost civilization of the Incas. “Odyssey” tiles are hand-finished so each one is a small, unique work of art and they are not mass-produced — they are made specific to order in Original Style’s Devon Studio. Take “Odyssey” into your home for your own global adventure — around the world in 20 tile designs.

R. In the “OrienTale” Collection by Sicis, nature is perfected in the details of an instant, revealing order and balance in the decisive stroke of Murano glass and animated gracefully by the chromatic phrasing of the iridescent glass. Inspired by the forms and designs developed in the 18th and 19th century Far East, and long admired and loved in Europe, these are the new masterpieces of vase art — two-dimensional for the very first time, and expressed as a mosaic.

S. “Murano Glass” by Surfaces, Inc. is inspired by the time-honored art of Venetian glass blowing. This unique range is designed by master glass artisans. Every component is hand cut and individually fused, creating an exclusive look. Despite the “one-of-a-kind” production process of a hand-made product, each tile is uniform in size thanks to rigid quality-control techniques that also assure ease of use and installation on the jobsite. Nine colors and blends are available in four sizes (2 x 2, 4 x 4, 2 x 6 and 3 x 12 inches) as well as two finishes: shine and frosted.

T.  “Metropolis” by Trend USA is a versatile collection that includes an assortment of colored and textured tiles to coordinate or contrast beautifully within any environment. These glass-cut tiles contain up to 72% post-consumer recycled glass and are perfect for architects, designers or homeowners interested in adding an eclectic touch to any room. The collection features distinct glass rectangles of various sizes and widths. Originally inspired by the movements of metro tracks, Trend’s selection features vibrant hues, including the following eight colors: Honey, Amber, Pearl, Diamond, Bronzite, Noir, Onyx and Buxy.

U.  A new edition for 2012, the Matrix style by Voguebay was first introduced using marbles intermixing with different colors. Because of such a popular response, Voguebay has brought the same design into its glass line, which will be stocked in 6- x 24-inch tiles, in five new blends.

V.  An extension of the Walker Zanger’s “Weave” Collection, which introduced linear glass to the market, “Stix” is thin and slim, with a dynamic range of tile sizes that invites creativity. “Stix” is offered in solid colors, as well as a number of signature blends, perfectly keyed to today’s color trends. With its unique shape and iridized finish, this collection is at home in a variety of residential and commercial vertical applications, complementing styles from modern to spa to transitional.