While the North American market has historically had a reputation for favoring neutral colors when it comes to their home designs, decorative and glass tile products are now being utilized in more residential spaces to add a “pop” of color and point of interest to a living space. Shimmering glass, textured porcelain and decorative custom prints are being employed for a range of applications — from backsplashes to entire accent walls. The following are just a few of the numerous decorative and glass tile lines that are available.

“Egypt” by Alttoglass

In its “Egypt” Collection of mosaic glass tile, Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer offers beautiful blends of colors suggesting patterns of woven fabric from an earlier time. Colors include: Osiris (shown), Amon, Anubis and Apis.



“Watercolors” by Arizona Tile

Arizona Tile’s newest glass, “Watercolors,” introduces a modern look with its lineal brushstrokes in a sleek, stack pattern on a 12- x 14-inch sheet. The colletion’s artistry shimmers in iridescent hues of deep blues, jewel greens, star-filled night skies and fields of golden grain. This series is both dramatic and innovative.



“Fossil Stone Mix Mosaic”
by Bestview International

Bestview International has created its “Fossil Stone Mix Mosaic”, a collection of mixed textured glass mosaic that incorporates different lineal shapes with frosted, clear, polished, wavy, back painted, depressions, and metallic etched fossil-looking stone. It can be used as a wall field tile in vertical or horizontal installations, and will work well with many current popular quartz countertops. It brings basic standard materials to a new level and the combination finishes offer an elite designer feel to work in any budget.



“Chic” by Ceramica Sant’ Agostino

Italian-tile manufacturer Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s new collection “Chic” was created to meet the demands of those seeking to furnish their home with style and personality. Elegant and colorful, “Chic” tiles afford homes an exclusive look, with glossy finishes that create a rich and ever-changing interaction between the sophisticated colors of the collection and the constant variations in natural light. Made with Digital Technology, attention has been given to every detail, enriching it with a careful research into decorations and finishing elements which reflect and enhance all of its sophistication.



“Origins Glass” by Crossville

“Origins Glass” mosaics by Crossville is a new take on Old-World craftsmanship. Made of post-consumer recycled glass, “Origins Glass” requires a minimal amount of materials for production, yet its textured, swirled and iridized surfaces create great visual depth and give the appearance of handmade glass. The line has a clear, luminescent quality, which is extraordinary for recycled glass. The line comprises 20 colors in five groupings: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Universe – all inspired by nature. Face-mounted on 12- x 12-inch sheets, Origins Glass mosaics are available in 1- x 1-inch and 2- x 2-inch sizes, as well as an offset mosaic featuring 1- x 2-inch tile. Also offered are 1- x 1-inch blends, as well as custom blends.



“Allure” Collection by Hirsch Glass

Featuring a fascinating glass shape combining frosted, textured and gloss finishes with a subtle shimmer, the “Allure” Collection by Hirsch Glass is available in eight color blends — from soft grays to warm gold and copper tones. Whether installed horizontally or vertically, it has the power to attract and bring interest to any space.



“Under the Sea” by Imagine Tile

Imagine Tile’s “Under the Sea” line creates the look and feel of a custom designed mosaic of aquatic life, sand, coral and ocean waves. The collection features several field tile, accent pieces and a standalone mural that can also be repeated to create a never-ending visual across any wall. Glazed with the latest technology available, “Under The Sea’s” handcrafted look brings a visually beautiful, texturally unique and incredibly durable tile to the market, allowing users to create a one of a kind environment.



“Urbino” by Lilywork

A 3- x 6-inch field in Chiffon, Linework border and Erice listello in Moss and the Urbino Tessellated field in Chiffon/Moss/Turquoise. “Urbino” can be used for a range of interior and exterior applications, including pools, shower surrounds, entryway floors, as well as kitchen backsplashes and fireplaces. All of Lilywork borders and patterned fields are color customizable within its 15-color palette.



“Crono” by Mosaico+

Designed by Giugiaro Design and made of 95% recycled glass, the “Crono” Collection by Italian tile manufacturer Mosaico+ combines 3D, high-end technology and industrial design. The three-dimensional chips are made of sintered glass (obtained by grinding and compressing recycled glass) that has sophisticated textures with ever-changing effects caused by light refraction on the variously angled surfaces of the mosaic. It features two decors: “Pulsar” (sleek and round that creates trajectories and soft weaves reminiscent of textiles) and “Nova” (whose faceted geometry suggests different planes, depending on your perspective). Crono is available in 10 solid colors. The patterns and geometries are completely customizable. 



“Casella” by Natucer

Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Naturcer offers brightly colored hexagon ceramic mosaics in its “Casella” Collection. Colors in the collection include: blue, red, brown, green and purple.



“Fiona Jewel Glass Mosaic”
by New Ravenna Mosaics

Inspired by inlay techniques of 17th century India, Sara Baldwin has created a handmade series for New Ravenna Mosaics. Using organic and delicate designs, her mosaics make you think spring when you see the fresh, vibrant colors, and the vine designs which bring to mind growth and renewal. Hints of South Asia’s traditional bone and mother of pearl accents come through with Baldwin’s use of brilliant jewel glass and natural stone. Add a touch of spring and an exotic flare to your tiling project. Stone tiles are great for floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, and the jewel glass mosaics make a beautiful addition to any interior vertical installation.



“Designer Classics” by Original Style

The “Designer Classics” by Original Style is an eclectic range of wall tiles in colors and designs suitable for every mood in any residential or commercial interior. The colors range from black to brilliant white, mellow cream, dramatic red and midnight black. Textures include embossed, gloss, luster and satin. With the choice of designs encompassing embossed damask patterns to stylized flower forms, classic stripes to traditional paisley, the combinations are endless.



Custom tile by Rookwood

Rookwood Pottery Co. offers a range of custom tile that can be applied for innovative designs. This bathroom features the company’s “Modern Classics” collection in Tanga Peel Cintrine, Mushroom and Tuscan Gold (upper wall); Classic Molding in Bungalow glaze and the “Heritage” Collection in 4- x 4-inch glazed Jubilee and Tuscan Gold (accent border); 4- x 4-inch glazed field tile in Citrine (lower wall) and glazed “Chantrelle” in Starburst Ripple and Starburst Ripple Petite, and Starburst Classic and Starburst Classic Petite (floor).



“Cosmati” by Sicis

Italian tile manufacturer Sicis introduces “Cosmati,” which is named after a 12th-century Roman family of master masons renowned for their craftsmanship of decorative marble floors. Cosmati is made of marble and iridescent glass mosaics in polished and matte finishes, and it is available in a variety of colors, shapes, patterns and dimensions.



“Glass Matrix” by Voguebay

A new edition for 2012, the Matrix style was first introduced using marbles intermixing with different colors. Because of such a popular response, Voguebay has brought the same design into its glass line, which will be stocked in 6- x 24-inch tiles, in five new blends.