Building Stone Institute, one of the country's longest serving natural stone trade associations, presented the 2012 Tucker Design Awards at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis on May 11.

Established in 1977, the Tucker Design Awards honor those who achieve a criteria of excellence in the use of natural stone in concept, design and construction. The award is a prestigious biennial architectural design recognition valued by both the building and landscape communities. For members of the Building Stone Institute, acknowledgement as a contributor to a Tucker Design Award winning project is a genuine tribute to their traditional values, physicality of work and dedication to precise specifications required in the realization of such accomplished architectural design.

This year's recipients represent some of the finest building and landscape projects completed throughout North America utilizing natural stone from around the globe. Tucker Design Awards celebrate the innovation and vision that designers bring to their projects through the specification and use of natural stone materials.

In-depth articles on all of the Tucker Design Awards can be found in the Spring 2012 edition of Building Stone Magazine, which is prepared by the Stone World editorial staff.

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