SYLMAR, CA -- With its exposed grain and subtle palette that bespeaks years of natural exposure and wear, reclaimed teak wood is a design element with its own unique story. Now,Walker Zangertakes its approach to trendsetting and green design to all-new heights with the unveiling of theAnTeak collection of tiles and mosaics. As the name playfully implies,AnTeak is constructed from antique wood and draws from a diversity of design inspirations -- both old and new -- and realizes them in genuine FSC-certified reclaimed teak wood.


Taking its inspiration from settings as disparate as a Parisian townhouse and a Thai monastery, AnTeak re-imagines the application of this timeless wood with paradigm-shattering inventiveness. Available in a broad range of mesh-mounted mosaics, AnTeak is at home in a rich range of stylistic genres. For example, the Chevron and Herringbone patterns are inspired by classic European wood flooring shapes, the Hex and Round by early 20th century motifs, and the Barrel and Amsterdam mosaics provide a fresh re-envisioning of mid-century modernism. And with its resin finish, AnTeak makes it possible to use wood tiles for shower walls, reports Walker Zanger.


"Aside from its perfect fit with the trends toward green design, reclaimed products and unique organic shapes, the real beauty of AnTeak lies in its ability to make itself at home in such a tremendous array of settings," stated Walker Zanger Vice President of Design and Marketing Jared Becker. "There's nothing else like it on the market."


AnTeak is available in nine different sizes and rich organic colors such as Natural, Coffee and Silver, and combinations such as Oolong Blend and Java Blend. It is available beginning in March 2012.