Fueled by a passion for artistic marble work, Decormarmi was founded in 1962 by the Farinon brothers. Today, the company still relies on personal stoneworking skill — coupled with modern technology — to create architectural products for use around the globe.

During its formative stages, Angelo Farinon had been attending the renowned “School for Arts and Crafts” for 12 years, and he and his brothers formed a small artisan studio, which developed into a worldwide customer base.

Decormarmi’s overall design philosophy is: “Design shouldn’t just be about form. It also should represent emotion.”

Over the years, Decormarmi assembled a staff of skilled craftsmen to complete sophisticated architectural works in stone. Then, during the 1990s, the company began using CNC technology and other innovative equipment in its work. Finished products include elements such as fireplaces, tables, vases, inlays, decorative bowls, custom-cut floor designs and many other furnishings and decorative elements.

Decormarmi has a full-scale technical department on staff, and it works in direct collaboration with architects, contractors, designers and decorators in Italy and abroad. Its finished work can be found throughout Europe as well as in the U.S., Russia and the Middle East.

Equipment in the facility includes four Omag CNC machines, including two five-axis units (the Mill 5 and the Blade 5). Both machines operate with five axes, and both are capable of executing complex profiling, milling and cutting operations.

Complex cutting is also achieved with the use of a Flow waterjet, which often processes custom floor patterns and designs. The shop also houses a standard Zambon bridge saw, a Zambon multi-head surface polishing line, a Zambon radial arm polisher for creating textured surfaces, a Pellegrini diamond wire saw for cutting blocks and a BM gangsaw.

To meet the changing requirements of its international client base, Decormarmi is continually developing new product lines. It also developed the Kreoo by Decormarmi brand dedicated to design. Derived from the Greek verb kraino (which means to produce or create) the line made its debut in 2010.

Kreoo by Decormarmi includes finished products for high-end applications for residential and hospitality design, with products for use in living areas, bathrooms, gardens and other spaces.

Among the products in the Kreoo by Decormarmi collection, the company collaborated with Italian designer Enzo Berti to create a collection of products that includes decorative furnishings such as bowls, tables and seating. In the U.S., these products can be found at Charles Luck Studios of Richmond, VA.