Founded in 1973, Ferrari Cav. Rodolfo & Figli Industria Graniti has continually upgraded its stoneworking capabilities over the years. Now in its third generation, the group has separate facilities for processing marble and granite blocks, and it can process virtually any material in the world.

The group established separate facilities for marble and granite processing due to the different equipment that is needed in the overall process.

At the granite-processing facility, blocks are brought in from various points in Italy as well as overseas stone-producing nations such as India and Brazil. Before processing, the blocks undergo a thorough inspection process where they are checked for color, size and quality. Prior to being cut into slabs, the blocks are trimmed using a single-wire saw.

Some of the latest investments at the granite facility include multi-wire saws from Bidesimpianti. These have replaced traditional gangsaws, and they offer a number of advantages. In addition to increased speed, there is less material waste. Moreover, there is no need for additional products associated with gangsaws, such as acids, iron pellets and lime. The company also reports that the wire saws require less maintenance than gangsaws. While wire is more expensive than a blade, when you evaluate the entire process, using a wire saw is more cost effective.

In addition to the benefits of speed, maintenance and reduced waste, the use of the multi-wire saws allows the company to cut slabs in a broad range of thicknesses, depending on customer demand. It also does some custom work, such as cutting slabs for mausoleums.

In addition to the sawing equipment, the granite-processing facility has a range of machinery for finishing the slabs. This includes a complete slab-polishing line from F. Meccanica, which is equipped with Tyrolit abrasives. For textured surfaces, the company also invested in an automated flaming machine from Pellegrini.

In addition to finished slabs, the company also has a full Pedrini tile line and a Pedrini computerized bridge saw for cut-to-size work. Finished materials are stored in a covered warehouse.

A total of approximately 2,000 cubic meters of granite is produced each year, and the company ships its slabs worldwide