With more than 81,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors, the 29th edition of Cersaie, held in Bologna, Italy, from September 20 to 24, 2011 featured an extensive variety of tile products, including collections with nature-mimicking designs such as wood, leaves and flowers, as well as large-format styles in updated colors and unexpected textures.

The expansive show floor not only showcased everything from micro-mosaics to slim tiles to monolithic porcelain slabs, but also brought to light the sustainability efforts put in place by dozens of manufacturers, including increased usage of recycled content, reuse of sludge and water in the manufacturing process and utilizing locally sourced materials, to name a few. Additionally, newly released collections ran the color spectrum from muted whites, shades of grays, Mediterranean-inspired cobalt blues and natural terracotta. In terms of tactility, the textures varied from concrete-like surfaces; silky, smooth glass; mixed materials; and the surprising, such as the underside of pressed tile.

The following is just a selection of the numerous new product innovations that were on display at this year’s exhibition. 

A. Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Apavisa presents the “Xtreme” collection, a full line for both wall and floor applications with three colors available in a lappato finish. Arrays of geometric forms are also available, including Hexagon, Rectilinear and Square, for floors and walls.


B. Brushed cement raises itself to “the status of an evolved design finish thanks to the extraordinary richness in surface motifs and the technical features” of Atlas Concorde. The “Evolve” collection is available in three surface finishes: matte, honed and textured.


C. The “Mezza” series by Bardelli — designed by Marco Ferreri — features four decorative themes that are freely modular on all sides, created by black screen printing on a glossy white background (Bianco Extra), each composed of two 10- x 10-cm tiles.


D. The Granitogres line further expands its range of offerings with the “Architecture” series, a new concept in ceramic tile designed with architects in mind. Available in several colors in a natural matte surface and the new gloss version.


E. Ceramicas Aparici’s “G-Stone” collection achieves the look of natural stone through a digital printing process. The full-body porcelain collection offers a complete range of wall and floor tile in a variety of colors. Rectified and double-fired, the collection boasts three formats, 18 x 18, 24 x 24 and 12 x 24 inches, in polished, satin and striated finishes.


F. The “Cromie” series by Monica is manufactured using a white body double-firing technique. Available in one size for wall tiles (20 x 40 cm) and for the matching floor tiles (20 x 20 cm), Cromie gives light and vitality through the colors of Green, Sky Blue, Pink and Orange.


G. “Externa” by Ceramica Sant’Agostino retains its technical and aesthetic characteristics overtime, resisting temperatures, impact, compression and wear.


H. “Antique Stones” from Cerim is a glazed porcelain tile collection. It is available in 33 x 66.4 cm, 33.3 x 33.3 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 50 x 98 cm and 5 x 5 cm (mosaic) sizes. Additionally, tiles are offered in five colors: Chalk, Pearly, Iron, Nut and Carbon.


I. Infinity Stone from Garfloor comes in 120- x 120-cm slabs with eight modular sizes. The collection is ideal for complex projects and for large surface areas in public and commercial spaces, reports the manufacturer. Infinity Stone is available in six colors and two finishes: natural textured and lapped.


J. The “Palace” collection by Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Grespania emulates the classic look of marble with the technical properties of porcelain tile. Carrara and Palace Madras are both glazed porcelain, rectified and polished in a 20- x 20-cm format.


K. A fusion of high-temperature glazed ceramic and handmade Ravenna mosaics, Il Monile’s new “Pantheon” line is a unique interpretation of Gaudi’s Trencadis — fitting walls like a second skin, merging seamlessly with the architecture of any surroundings, according to the manufacturer. From a base of six colored glazes and four metallic glazes, the design possibilities are limitless.


L. New products launched by Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Keraben capture the different styles in stone — offering continuity to the textile finishes that have performed well in previous seasons. For this edition of Cersaie, Keraben presented several series with inkjet technology — including tile that mimics the look of marble and slate.


M. The technical and aesthetic qualities of Kerlite are now available in a new series, “Black-White,” which is offered in the PLUS version (3.5 mm-thick) and in 3- x1- and 1- x 1-meter sizes.


N. Tile of Spain-branded manufacturer Land Porcelanico has launched a new format to the market. The 90- x 90-cm (37.4- x 37.4-inch) format in the “Portland” collection offers the minimalist look of concrete. This simple and smart architectural solution in a porcelain tile offers high technical characteristics — making it suitable for high-traffic areas, according to the company.


O. Lea’s “Audrey” collection combines various decorative solutions to create a fresh, lively and sophisticated flavor. The 35- x 35-cm floor and 35- x 70-cm wall modules are available in black and white, blue, green, lilac, gray and sand.


P. “SistemL” by Marazzi Tecnica is intended for public spaces, including hotel hallways and bathrooms, restaurants and offices, as well as private residential applications, such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. The tiles in this collection are available in six colors, two floor tile sizes and various trims and inserts.


Q. “EVO 2/E” from Mirage is a versatile system of ¾-inch-thick porcelain tiles. Available in nine colors and two sizes (24 x 24 and 24 x 48 inches), it offers solutions for a variety of spaces from gardens and gazebos to terraces and balconies.


R. In the new “Bas-Relief” collection from Mutina, designer Patricia Urquiola uses color, height and depth in experimental patterns.


S. “Lifestyle” by Ragno, a full-body colored porcelain product, is ideal for residential walls and floors. The natural finish can also be used outdoors, for continuity between interior and exterior applications. Tiles in the collection are offered in four sizes and four colors.


T. Italian designer Massimiliano Adami created a new collection for DesignTaleStudio where cracks are a distinctive trait of the tile. The tiles in the “Terraviva” collection can be used on floors and walls and come in 10 patterns for countless creative compositions.