Mineração Guidoni was established in São Domingos do Norte, ES, Brazil, in 1992 by twin brothers, José Antonio and José Geraldo Guidoni, with the objective to extract and process stone for the domestic and external markets.

The company is located in the northwest region of the State of Espírito Santo, and it operates its own quarries, producing more than 6,000 cubic meters of material per month and about 600,000 square feet of polished slabs.

Mineração Guidoni employs approximately 860 people. Of this total, 230 are in the factory and 630 are in the quarries. In order to retain employees, the company strategy is to hire young workers and invest in them over the years — including education and ongoing training.

Overall, Mineração Guidoni currently operates 23 quarries, with a range of different colors being extracted, including yellow, white, green, blue, pink, black and many others. It also works with exotic colors such as White Galaxy and Delicatus White. Most of the quarries are located within 40 miles of the factory, which optimizes logistics for production.

Specific materials processed by Mineração Guidoni include: Ornamental Guidoni, Soft Yellow, White G, Generic White, Moon Light, Butterfly Green, Butterfly Beige, Butterfly Gold, Santa Cecilia, Giallo Sofia, Black São Domingos, Oro Veneziano, Galaxy White, Delicatus White, Ubatuba, Jade Green, Gold 500, Giallo Verona, Giallo Topazio, Blue Jaguar, Café Brazil and Serenata.

The company’s factory is more than 170,000 square feet in size, and production capacity is around 120 containers per month. Equipment includes the following:

• 3 multiwire gangsaws

• 15 traditional gangsaws

• 4 polishing machines

• 1 automatic line for cut-to-size work

• 4 cutters for cut-to-size work

• 1 automatic resin line


Mineração Guidoni primarily sells to contractors and distributors, although it also markets to the architecture and design community. It sells material across the U.S. (with an emphasis on the East Coast) and Canada, particularly in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

In terms of cut-to-size projects, Mineração Guidoni has supplied material for the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai and a range of private buildings in China and Taiwan. Within Brazil, the company supplied architectural stonework for a shopping mall in Belo Horizonte, the Petrobrás Building in Vitória and residential projects throughout the country.